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The Role and Place of Dealing Service in a Development of Technical Agroservice in Tajikistan

Author (s)

Oripov Abdukahor Abdukhamidovich


The article dwells on the state of technical agroservice in Tajikistan Republic in the period after sovereignty establishment and transition to market relations. The author adduces the results of the exploration referring to the present state of agriculture and discloses the problems concerned with a provision in regard to technique and the latter`s quality in the economy units of the country. He canvasses the experience of the developed foreign countries in an evolution of dealing service and its role in a formation of farmers` households. A. Oripov analyzes also the activity of dealing services and leasing companies created in Tajikistan, he reveals their role in a procurement of rural commodity producers with technical means. Recommendations on a creation of dealing service promoting a development of agriculture and a provision of rural commodity producers with technique and spare parts are given by the author.


agriculture, technical agroservice, technique utilization state, foreign experience, dealing service, leasing companies, ways of organization


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Publication date

Monday, 16 January 2017