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Development of Technical Agroservice Sphere of Tajikistan: the Plight and Ways of Legislative Base Improvement

Author (s)

Oripov Abdukahhor Abdukhamidovich


The article dwells on the plight of agriculture after proclamation of state sovereignty and transition to market relations. The results of analysis and research aimed at the influence of agriculture plight upon the state of material-technical base of agrarian sector and deterioration of plight of technical agro-service sphere are adduced. The author gives information concerned with the present state of  the legislative base of agriculture referring to the sphere of technical agro-service. The commentaries of law articles and their sway over economic plight of agrarian sector are given. The author proposes the ways of improvement of the legislative base in the sphere of technical agro-service.


agriculture, technical agro-service, plight of material-technical base, legislative base, privileges, ways of improvement 


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Publication date

Monday, 24 October 2016