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Prognosis Orienting Points of Enterprising Sector Development for the Period up to 2020

Author (s)

Amindjanova Muhiba Mukhammadnasimovna


In her article the author presents the results of prognosis in regard to enterprising sector development for the period up to 2020 with utilization of the methods of extrapolation concerned with average growth indices. In order to determine the number of enterprising sector subjects calculations are performed on the basis of a trend model grounded on development tendency for the period analyzed; mathematical equation of regression being applied. In order to achieve prognostication indices the author proposes to use Shumpeter`s scheme of combination of production factors with natural economic resources concerned with prospective development of enterprising sector.


enterprising sector, prognostication, extrapolation, national economy, entrepreneurship milieu, institutes, institutional environment 


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Publication date

Monday, 25 April 2016