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Operative-Investigative Activity and Promotion on the Part of Citizens in Combat with Crime in Moslemic World

Author (s)

Khodjayev Usmonbek Turabekovich


The article dwells on the actual issues referring to implementation of operative-investigative activity in cooperation with separate citizens. The author speaks about historic peculiarities and legal foundations related to implementation of operative-investigative activity with participation of citizens; at the present time the factor being an effective form of prevention and exposure of crimes. Social norms and stages of formation of operative-investigative measures and different types of promotion to respective bodies on the part of separate citizens are subjected to analysis. The author adduces the scientists` points of view concerned with importance of operative-investigative activity and the forms of promotion to the bodies implementing it on the part of citizens. Proceeding from scientific provisions, the author moves inferences and suggestions of his own. The historic-legal analysis of home criminal law constructions which functioned in different epochs afforded to elicit a multitude of unique and effective norms which can help implement operative-investigative measures with active involvement of citizens.


Moslemic law, criminal law, operative-investigative activity, culture, tradition, norm, cooperation, crime


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Publication date

Tuesday, 26 April 2016