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Methods of Assessment in Reference to Effective Utilization of Informational Technologies in Management with Dekhans` (Farmers`) Households

Author (s)

Bokiyev Umriddin Shamsuddinovich


The article dwells on the problems related to an elaboration of a trend aimed at a rise of effectiveness of management with dekhans` (farmers) households where the newest informational technologies are applied respective of peculiarities of a cotton-growing branch [ a big amount of small dekhans` (farmers`) households and low standard of informatization]; many other prob­lems attending the situation shaped being touched on concurrently, in particular, training of personnel and competitiveness of an economy holding subject under market conditions. It is shown that utilization of new informational technologies in management enables to regulate and optimize informational streams, elevate an effectiveness of economy holding subject`s activity. It is proved that an effectiveness of managerial information exchange between subjects and objects of management depends on elaboration of informational systems optimizing a procedure of exchange.


informational technologies, methods, assessment, information, effectiveness, management, economy holding subject


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Publication date

Tuesday, 26 April 2016