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Methodology of Exploration Concerned with Regional Innovative System

Author (s)

Nazarov Abdushukur Abdurakhimovich


The article dwells on the methodological grounds beset with the exploration and formation of the regional innovative system as an important theoretical part of both its study and formation upon the whole. The author determines the factors swaying over the theme explored as well. He  makes an endeavor to substantiate the major prerequisites of formation and further development of a regional (territorial) innovative system. The methodology of exploration related to regional innovative system is more vividly presented as a locomotive of further economy of the region and country development in the schemical form upon the whole. The author shows also an interaction of factors which influences the regional innovative system in a scheme form, in particular


methodology, approaches, innovation, innovative system, regional innovative system, factors, formation of innovative system


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Publication date

Monday, 16 January 2017