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Methods of Assessment in Regard to Entrepreneurial Activity under the Conditions of Transitional Process

Author (s)

Ahmadbekova Nigora Maksudzhonovna


Small business activity should possess strategic features as it is a strategic approach than can ensure a high standard of entrepreneurial activity. Formation of new forms of activeness in regard to entrepreneurial ability under the conditions of competitive struggle and activization of innovational activity becomes a pledge of success for conducted economic reforms. It preconditions the situation when the issues concerned with the formation of small and middle-sized entrepreneurship turn into a priority goal of the state at the current state of the country`s development.


On the other hand, activeness of entrepreneurial activity on the part of small business subjects is a link between marked out results of its contents and a characteristic feature of achievements. In this connection formation of new forms of methodical activeness in reference to entrepreneurial ability under the conditions of competitive struggle becomes a principal argument predetermining effective entrepreneurial activity.It is cleared out that entrepreneurial activeness reflects genuine economic reality and is an integration of laboring capabilities, entrepreneurial venture, managerial qualities turning man into an economy resource.


entrepreneurial activity, small business, innovational activity, entrepreneurial activeness, business development strategy 


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Publication date

Monday, 24 October 2016