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On the Issue of Accounting tn Regard to Legislation: Theoretical Informational-Legal and Practical Aspects

Author (s)

Shokirov Gaybullo Abdulloevich


In his article the author considers the problem dealing with accounting in regard to legislation in the theory of law and systematization beset with legislation. The author comprehensively analyzes the question and deems that its quality improves law creativity culture and helps in a legal education of citizens. The essence of the term «accounting» as a principal notion which plays a main role in reference to law creativity under the systematization of legislation is disclosed by the author. The author determines the correlation between the following terms: «accounting in regard to legislation» and «accounting of normative legal instruments», «accounting law» and «the forms of systematization beset with legislation» as well. He objectively defines the theme explored on the grounds of the existing integration in regard to rules and procedures containing a certain number of methods including formal-logical (dogmatic), comparative-legal, historical-legal, complex ones; systemic approach and etc. In the course of the research related to accounting legislation the author expresses the opinion that alongside with incorporation, codification and consolidation it is an independent form of its systematization. Informatization of society swayed over the definition of the concept «accounting in regard to legislation».


theory of law, systematization of legislation, accounting in regard to legislation, normative legal instruments, accounting in electronic form


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Publication date

Tuesday, 17 January 2017