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Business Climate as a Factor of Elevation of Competitiveness on Macro-Level in Tajikistan Republic

Author (s)

Karimova Muazzamahon Ismatulloevna


Researching the problems related to competitiveness in economy of Tajikistan Republic the author determines the notions of business climate and institutional environment which promote an elevation of competitiveness of the countries on macro-level. She determines a hierarchy of competitiveness in national economy affording to elicit the concept of competitiveness. It is ascertained that national economy is a bearer of competition on macro-level. The author pays attention to the issue dealing with an improvement of business environment which may serve as the main catalizator in modernization of Tajikistan economy. It is marked that effective solution of issues related to economic character is of great importance for enterprises. The author stresses the role of economic courts in regard to the advocacy of rights of economy subjects as a fair solution of economic controversies elevates their confidence into authoritative and social institutes. Major factors constraining business activeness in the republic have been analyzed thus  proposing the ways of a solution of the problems being canvassed as well. 


competitiveness, business climate, modernization of economy, national economy, net investitures, report «Business Runnings», taxation


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Publication date

Monday, 24 October 2016