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Contemporary External Labour Migration of the Population of Kyrgyzstan

Author (s)

Ergheshbayev Uran Zhumabekovich,Yeshenova Saghyn Yeshenovna, Muratova Cholponay Karimovna


The article dwells on the problems of external labour migration of Kyrgyzstan population in the context of contemporary migrational processes. The authors analyze the situation in the sphere of labour migration. They examined the principal factors stimulating external labour migration of Kyrgyzstan population and those of «attraction» in recipient countries. The main regions being the sources of the streams of external labour migration from the republic are singled out in the article, the major problems exciting labour migrants are presented. The authors prove that contemporary external labour migration is upon the whole profitable for Kyrgyzstan, for the time being it remains the only possible solution of many acute social-economic problems of the country. They move some measures for optimization of distribution in reference to labour resources of Kyrgyzstan; a necessity of elaboration and realization of a long-term programme aimed at sending of surplus labour resources abroad, at a creation of a mechanism of attraction of migrants` financial resources into KR economy is well-grounded.


labour migration, factors, social-economic consequences, money transfers, labour migrants, migrational streams, labour resources, labour market 


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Publication date

Monday, 25 April 2016