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Balance Method of the Study in Regard to Regional Demand for Food Stuffs

Author (s)

Djalilova Umriniso Tukhtayevna


The article dwells on balance method of the study in regard to regional demand for food stuffs, the scheme of balance between demand and supply is worked out; the author determined demand indices considered as solvency needs of population, presented in the market and the elements constituting it. While determining general volume of demands special attention is paid to the demand of the region, beyond district demand and that one of organizations, enterprises and institutions. In the composition of a supply main attention is paid to regional manufacturing as a basic index of market supply and also to the import of food stuffs. The author worked out the scheme of regional balance and gave the characteristics of potential correlation by dint of mathematical formulae. She substantiated an urgency of conjunctural survey elaboration where the results of microanalysis would be expounded; hereby, the elements of prognostication in regard to tendencies and shifts in demand and supply of food stuffs being bound to be included. 


balance method, demand, elements of balance, demand on the part of population of the region, beyond district demand, market suggestions, balance, conjuncture, prognostication, correlation 


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Publication date

Thursday, 30 June 2016