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Imam al-Azami Abuhanif`s Tenet about Califate

Author (s)

Rahimova Firuza Marufjohnovna


The author of  the article for the first time pays attention to contemporary significance of studies in reference to the califate theory by  Abuhanif, necessity of its positive ideas and rules of state governance in the cause of modern legislation improvement, fortification of ethics on the  part of  state service officers. Similar ideas  are mostly  brightly expressed in the  research of the issues concerned with Abuhanifa`s  law doctrine where he reasonably expounds criteria of calif`s activity legality, institute of conference meetings state governance bodies, importance of two branches of state power,  competence of a candidate for  state position, criteria of professional fitness of a state official.


califate, power, justice, governance, Shura, legitimateness, khanafizm


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Publication date

Friday, 13 November 2015