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Formation and Development of Outward Economy Ties of Tajikistan Republic under the Conditions of Globalization

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A.A. Boymatov


The necessity of elaboration of a Tajik model of SEC (Supreme Economy Council) under the conditions of globalization and liberalization of outward  economy sphere is obvious.

It presupposes further development of  export based on natural competitive advantages in the sphere of natural resources and on a wide scale state support of outfits and enterprising frameworks functioning in the sectors of  national production affording to do without import.

Enhanced import expansion resulted into essential deterioration of financial situation in the branches sensitive to import; manufacturing capacities  having being reduced abruptly.

Globalizational processes intensified SEC regionalization, there sprang up new integrational associations in the  post-Soviet space.


outward economy ties, globalization, transitive economy, reform, world market, levers, commodity  circulation structure, outward orientation


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Saturday, 14 November 2015