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Regional Projects in the System of Management with Investitive Resources

Author (s)

Djurayeva Nodira Gulomjohnovna


The article dwells on regional investitive projects  as one of the elements of the  system managing envestitive resources and their  significance in investing the objects. The author conducts an analysis of the investitive projects along the regions of Tajikistan Republic, place and importance of regional investitive projects as a  considerable  element of the social-economic system of the  region. The methods of management and state regulation in regard to regional investitive projects are based on prognostication  related to the projects already existing in Tajikistan Republic. Investitive policy is  considered on regional level where special attention is attached to investitive attractiveness of a regional project.


investitive project, objects of investitures Location of objects on the territory of the region, regional economy


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Publication date

Friday, 13 November 2015