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On Investetive Attractiveness of Free Economy Zones and State Fiscal Policy

Author (s)

Babayev Khuseyn Sayfitdinovich


The article dwells on the issues of interaction between investitive  attractiveness of  FEZ-s and state fiscal policy on the grounds of the analysis dealing with investitive capacity of the formers and potential ways of budget entries increase. The author substantiates the necessity of active functioning of  FEZs under modern conditions in Tajikistan; the latter becoming a regulator of investitive entries into the republic.  On the basis of elicitation aimed at negative consequences entailed with transitive economy the author moves recommendations concerning FEZs, improvement of their infrastructure and mechanism. He studied an influence of tax rate over economy subjects activities, proceeding from this assumption the conclusion related to a stability of this rate under the conditions of  FEZs functioning have been made.


investitive attractiveness, investitive capacity, free economic zones, taxation privileges, transformational economy


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Publication date

Friday, 13 November 2015