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On the Issue of “Insurance Subrogation” Notion in Regard to Auditors` Responsibility

Author (s)

Kurbanova Khursheda Khairullayevna


The article dwells on the principal concepts of scientists-civilists in reference to the notion of audior`s responsibility insurance subrogation. Some issues concerned with certain peculiarities of legislation on the insurance of auditors civil-legal responsibility have been explored. Attention is paid to a modern specificity of auditor`s responsibility insurance and to the urgency of insurance legislation improvement. The author marks the most important stages in the  dynamics of insurance legal relations; the latters being a transition of the right of demand from the person who obtained insurance payment to that one who carried out the payment in question.


insurance, insurer, subrogation, responsibility insurance, insurance reimbursement, insurance payment


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Publication date

Friday, 13 November 2015