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On the Issue of Youth`s Human Capital Research

Author (s)

Pulatov Munir Mukhtarovich, Ibraghimova Azizakhon Uktamjohnovna


The authors  make  an  endeavor to elaborate methodological harmony in reference to the  statal  youth policy in  Tajikistan Republic in the light  of strategic  goals. In  the authors` opinion, a human capital as a unity of physical and intellectual abilities of  an individual requires that the people should  obtain the most progressive knowledge and  experience available for the senior generation. These values uniting with youth become a mighty factor of social progress. Youth is looked upon as a social-demographic group which is singled out on the  basis  of the integrity  of age  features, peculiarities of social position and  preconditioned by both properties determined with social  frameworks, culture, regularities of socialization, upbringing accepted  in the given society.


youth, methodology, human capital, youth`s potential , youth`s specific  features


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Publication date

Friday, 13 November 2015