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Formats of Trading Enterprises of Russia Working under Own Trading Brands (OTB)

Author (s)

Kalugina Svetlana Afanasyevna, Makarov Andrey Anatolyevich


The article dwells on modern features  of the formats of trading enterprises where goods issued under OTB may be realized, requirements the formers being  bound to respond are  touched upon as well.

The authors name the basic formats of trading enterprises: “tough” and “soft” discounter, supermarket, hypermarket, store-shop, wholesale and  retail trade centre, shops at the “house” and  others; the authors deliver  examples of Moscow shops, their square,  forms of serving customers. The necessary condition of OTB introduction is high circulation. The  authors come to the  conclusion that in spite of up to 2% of OTB bound to  being closed realization of production under OTB is the principal tendency of world consumers` market development.


own trading brands (OTB), formats of trading enterprises of Russia, peculiarities of work with OTB at trading enterprises


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Publication date

Friday, 13 November 2015