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The Entering of Sughdian Diplomacy into the World Arena in the Times of Turkic Caganate (VI-VIIcc.)

Author (s)

Mamadazimov Abdugani


The article dwells on the issues of ethnogenesis and politogenesis of the ancient Turkic nation, the role of  Sughdians  in the given process and their alliance relations on the international arena of that time. Proceeding from the materials of the sources the author  analyzes a formation of Sughdian diplomacy and its entering into the international arena for a solution of actual trading-economic and military-political goals facing it Successful termination of diplomatic negotiations with one of the powerful empires of that time – the Byzantion one – made Sughdian  diplomats equal to leading world diplomats of their time – Chinese, Iranian and Byzantian ones who competed between themselves on the routes of the Great Silk Road.


Turkic caganate,  Sughdian merchants, the Great Silk Road, Maniakh, Iran, Byzantian Empire


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Publication date

Friday, 13 November 2015