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Role, Sway and Interconnection of Human Capital with Small Business Development in Sughd Viloyat (Region)

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Akhmedov Fazliddinkhon Valiyevich


The article dwells on various forms beset with a sway of human capital over the formation and development of small business contained in economy science. The author has analyzed the conjuncture in reference to the quality of education elevation; he substantiated a necessity of small business supporting the region and revealed its role in an innovational development of economy. Real problems and potential approaches to their solution are elicited. The role of higher school science in a solution of the issues associated with an innovational development of the economy of the region and an elevation of the quality of human capital have been considered by the author as well. In his article the author resorted to such methods of research as comparative, analytical and statistical ones; the results of scientific explorations of both home and foreign scholars concerned with the given theme being presented in the article. The results obtained by the author can be used by realizing the concept of innovational development of small business and the region upon the whole.


development of small business in Sughd viloyat, human capital, quality of education, business-incubator, innovational economics of region


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Publication date

Friday, 23 June 2017

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